ToDo for BreachBot

BreachBot is a small side project by Seth Cottle. I'm building BreachBot in my free time, and let's be honest, none of us have much of that. I am about 25% done with having BreachBot to what I would consider a finished state. So, check back here for view my latest ToDo list on what's next for BreachBot.

Improvements to Security Checkup 🛡

The Security Checkup only asks the user a handful of basic questions. I will be working to further build out the functionality of the Security Checkup to make it more robust. I may look into splitting new items out of the Security Checkup to avoid it being too overwhelming to the user and restructure how this feature works.

Improvements to Equifax Breach Tips 🕵️

I believe there is still room to improve what information is being presented to the user. I would like to word smith the results to be less overwhelming and more informative. This breach is a big deal and I want to make sure we are properly representing accurate information. If you notice anything that can be improved here, please let me know.

New User Flows 🎉

Pending user feedback, I have a few more ideas to start building out additional flows beyond the basic Security Checkup 🛡 and Equifax Breach 🕵️. The goal is to make BreachBot your go to assistant for learning about staying safe online. Have any ideas? Send us feedback!

Ship to Additional Platforms 📦

Once I start defining more functionality for BreachBot that could be helpful in a spoken scenaro, I would like to bring him to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Milestone Reached 🎉 Now you can send a SMS to BreachBot! This is still in beta, but hey, check it out.

Rebuild BreachBot 👨‍💻

BreachBot was a weekend project, so let's be honest with ourselves, it isn't ready for scale. I'll be working to rebuild BreachBot from the ground up to incorporate all of the changes I've mentioned above. Want to help out with this project? Get in touch.

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