What is BreachBot?

Right now, BreachBot is designed to help you take steps to secure yourself against the Equifax Breach. Oh, and while it isn't complete yet, he can start giving some basic advice on how to better protect yourself online through our short Security Checkup.

Should I do everything BreachBot says?

BreachBot is simply here to make suggestions of things you can do to help guard yourself against the Equifax Breach and he provides some basic tips for staying secure online. Whether you act on those suggestions or not is up to you. BreachBots' suggestions are a bunch of random people's opinions and while we try to represent the information as accurately as possible, sometimes we may be wrong.

Do you collect any personal information from me?

You can read more about this in the Privacy Policy, but the short version is we collect some anonymous analytical data about you using Google and Facebook Analytics and when you interact with BreachBot, he collects your Profile Name. If you answer his questions, he stores some of that data in an anonymous fashion like what state you may live in so we can beter understand who and where our users are.
We don't share or sell any data about you.

Long term goals with BreachBot?

We've got quite a few things in mind, but the ultimate goal is for him to become your go to assistant when it comes to safe guarding your digital identity.

I have all the questions!

We're an open book! If you have any questions or just want to chat, shoot us a message using the Drift chat widget on this site or shoot an email to hello@breachbot.io.

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