Update: Now that BreachBot has landed on Messenger and SMS (with other platforms in queue), you will notice that the changelog is now being condensed into one release which could impact multiple platforms.

11.07.2017 v1.6.0 | Turbo charging BreachBot.

Each message BreachBot for SMS sends is now 145 characters or less to help ensure delivery on Android/iOS devices across different carriers.

EMOTION! 😱 Not really, but BreachBot is starting to be able to make small talk! Ask him something like "Where are you from?" or "How old are you?". Small Talk is only enabled for SMS at this time.

Started Phase 1 of 3 for revamping BreachBot on the backend to increase performance and build a foundation for BreachBot v2.0. Performance changes are only live for SMS during testing - these changes will not make it to Messenger until v2.0.
11.04.2017 v1.4.3 | Kiss of unresponsiveness.

We addressed a HTTP retrieval failure that was occuring when a user would start a new session via SMS. This did not impact Facebook Messenger users.
11.02.2017 v1.4.1 | Life can only be understood backwards.

We've added a {{FallBack}} state for when a user inputs unrecognized strings. The fall back will prompt the user to try again.
11.02.2017 v1.4.0 | SMS beta release! 🎉
New Improvement

BreachBot for SMS is now publicly available!

Made improvements to the links displayed within the Facebook Messenger flow. Simplified links to each bureaus credit freeze page (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian). Minor content tweaks.
10.09.2017 v1.3.0 | Help! I Need Somebody.

Due to increasing server load, BreachBot was becoming unresponsive for some users. Help functionality was added to help get users back on track. Typing "Help" to BreachBot will allow the user to restart a flow they were in (just in case BreachBot gets stuck and stops responding).
10.08.2017 v1.2.0 | Hi Hawaii.

Added support for {{State Abbreviation}} when looking up the fees to freeze your credit for the state you live in. Previously just full {{State Name}} was supported.
10.07.2017 v1.1.0 | Out like a trout in bear country.

Added new modules in the Equifax Breach 🕵️ and Security Checkup 🛡 flows. You can now gracefully exit flows.
10.07.2017 v1.0.1 | The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar... It was tense.

While working towards the public launch of BreachBot v1.0.0, there were quite a few overlooked spelling errors, typos, and a handful of sentences that made no sense.
10.07.2017 v1.0.0 | Initial production release! 🎉

We're releasing BreachBot for Facebook Messenger! BreachBot is still in beta, so expect changes over the next few months!

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