Update: Now that BreachBot has landed on Messenger and SMS, you will notice that the changelog is now being condensed into one release which could impact multiple platforms. You will find platform tags with each update like SMS & Messenger.

05.04.2018 v1.8.3 | Ohhh, Twitter made an oopsie.
New Improvement Messenger

Added a new flow for Twitter's 🐦 little mishap with storing unmasked passwords in an internal log. Ooops.

Made some slight changes throughout the Security Checkup πŸ›‘ flow. The biggest update is to the way product suggestions are presented. Instead of appearing in a gallery, I've limited the number of products you will see and have put it in a neatly organized list view. Remember: I don't use affiliate links or anything of the sort, when I recommend a product it's because I have tried, tested, and love it -- I don't get anything in return.
05.03.2018 v1.8.2 | Let's make some small talk.
New Messenger

I started implementing some conversational elements into BreachBot. You can ask things like "How are you?" and BreachBot will no longer throw an error.
04.10.2018 v1.8.1 | Cambridge Analytica
New Improvement Messenger

Tweaked the Cambridge Analytica 🧠 flow. Clicking here will present you with updated options. Now you can choose to have BreachBot give you an in-depth explainer, learn how to see if you were affected, and learn what you can do to limit third-party connections.
04.06.2018 v1.8.0 | There is nothing permanent except change.
New Improvement Messenger

BreachBot now offers up a Facebook Related πŸ‘€ option. Clicking here will present you with the recently added Cambridge Analytica 🧠 flow and you'll notice a few new ones! New flows include: Facebook Messenger πŸ’¬, to learn about what Facebook is doing with your Messenger conversations and a new flow around Facebooks updated Terms/Data Policy πŸ‘.

I made some major updates to the Help flow. You got stuck 😭 will now help you through the newly added content and does a better job getting you back on track with older content. Get alerts 🚨 will allow you to subscribe to breach alerts. What can you do? πŸ€” will help you get into flows. How do I use this? will help users understand how to engage with BreachBot. Disclaimer βš–οΈ will give you a little snippet on how you can't hold BreachBot liable and blah blah. There is also Alert Unsubscribe 🚨 to let you know how to unsubscribe from breach alerts.

Enabled training so if you don't click scripted chat bubbles, BreachBot will start doing a better job at trying to get you into the right flow. But, the fallback state has been revamped to be less overwhelming.

Cleaned up the logic for some conversations, so your conversations with BreachBot should feel a little more natural. Worked on making some changes to the exit flows in conversations, it's a bit more graceful and helps you jump into other topics of conversation a bit easier.
04.04.2018 v1.7.4 | Cool. Cool, cool, cool.
Fix Messenger

It looks like the original estimate of more than 50 million people was a bit off. Today, Facebook said that as many as 87 million could have had their data exposed to Cambridge Analytica 🧠. Cool. Going to drop this here again. I could probably do a better job explaining the Cambridge Analytica scandal... please reach out to me with your suggestions.
04.04.2018 v1.7.3 | I'm too tired for this shit.
Improvement Messenger

Added a few user interation breaks into the Cambridge Analytica 🧠 flow. It was throwing a bit too much information at once to be digestible. I could probably do a better job explaining the Cambridge Analytica scandal... please reach out to me with your suggestions.

Improved logic for subscribing to alerts. Added in unsubscribe method. Just type "Help" to get there.

Found and fixed a few instances of spelling errors, typos, and poor grammar.

Unrelated: Tweaked the landing page a bit. You'll see some GIFs and stuff (need to improve the SMS one, the Messenger one is a-okay). It's like 2:00AM.
04.04.2018 v1.7.2 | No Ragrets.
Improvement Messenger

Made a few tweaks to the logic of a handful of flows to make navigating in and out of flows a bit more fluid. You'll mostly notice these changes each time you complete a module.
04.03.2018 v1.7.1 | Thumbs up and subscribe.
New Messenger

Today, BreachBot will be sending out its first broadcast under Facebook's 24 + 1 policy. Typically, BreachBot can only respond to a users message with a follow up within the first 24 hours. However, under the 24 + 1 policy, BreachBot is allowed ONE follow up message outside of this timespan. Users will be able to opt into or out of receiving alets when large scale breaches occur.

For new users who interact with BreachBot after April 03, 2018, they will recieve a follow up message after 12 hours asking if they would like to subscribe to alerts.
04.03.2018 v1.7.0 | Do you even lift, brah?
New Messenger

Added a MyFitnessPal πŸ’ͺ flow to Facebook Messenger. It's a short flow, but will give users a little background into what happened and what they can do.

Added support for Cambridge Analytica 🧠. While it wasn't a security breach, it was a breach of users' trust. This will give you some background into what the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal is all about.
03.30.2018 v1.6.1 | Yo, it's the container.
Improvement Messenger

When you're talking to BreachBot about extensions during the Security Checkup πŸ›‘on Facebook Messenger, he'll now recommend using Facebook Container by Mozilla as an extension for you to use along side Firefox.

Also, is yo making a comeback? Because you guys say yo a lot... like a lot. When you say yo, BreachBot will no longer throw an error message and he'll give the proper welcome reponse.
11.07.2017 v1.6.0 | Turbo charging BreachBot.
Improvement SMS

Each message BreachBot for SMS sends is now 145 characters or less to help ensure delivery on Android/iOS devices across different carriers.

EMOTION! 😱 Not really, but BreachBot is starting to be able to make small talk! Ask him something like "Where are you from?" or "How old are you?". Small Talk is only enabled for SMS at this time.

Started Phase 1 of 3 for revamping BreachBot on the backend to increase performance and build a foundation for BreachBot v2.0. Performance changes are only live for SMS during testing - these changes will not make it to Messenger until v2.0.

I'm working on open sourcing the intent for BreachBot.
11.04.2017 v1.4.3 | Kiss of unresponsiveness.

We addressed a HTTP retrieval failure that was occuring when a user would start a new session via SMS. This did not impact Facebook Messenger users.
11.02.2017 v1.4.1 | Life can only be understood backwards.
Improvement Messenger

We've added a {{FallBack}} state for when a user inputs unrecognized strings. The fall back will prompt the user to try again.
11.02.2017 v1.4.0 | SMS beta release! πŸŽ‰
New Improvement SMS

BreachBot for SMS is now publicly available!

Made improvements to the links displayed within the Facebook Messenger flow. Simplified links to each bureaus credit freeze page (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian). Minor content tweaks.
10.09.2017 v1.3.0 | Help! I Need Somebody.
Improvement Messenger

Due to increasing server load, BreachBot was becoming unresponsive for some users. Help functionality was added to help get users back on track. Typing "Help" to BreachBot will allow the user to restart a flow they were in (just in case BreachBot gets stuck and stops responding).
10.08.2017 v1.2.0 | Hi Hawaii.
Improvement Messenger

Added support for {{State Abbreviation}} when looking up the fees to freeze your credit for the state you live in. Previously just full {{State Name}} was supported.
10.07.2017 v1.1.0 | Out like a trout in bear country.
Improvement Messenger

Added new modules in the Equifax Breach πŸ•΅οΈ and Security Checkup πŸ›‘ flows. Added new logic so you will be able to gracefully exit flows and move into new ones.
10.07.2017 v1.0.1 | The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar... It was tense.
Fix Messenger

While working towards the public launch of BreachBot v1.0.0, there were quite a few overlooked spelling errors, typos, and a handful of sentences that made no sense.
10.07.2017 v1.0.0 | Initial production release! πŸŽ‰
New Messenger

We're releasing BreachBot for Facebook Messenger! BreachBot is still in beta, so expect changes over the next few months!

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