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Our promise to our users.

We aren't here to quit our day jobs, we built BreachBot because we care about you and your well-being in this vast digital frontier. When BreachBot shows you a suggestion, it’s products and services that we have used and trust. We’ll never show you products that are untrustworthy and we definitely won’t show you anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

We want to work with companies we know and trust - this will just helps us keep the lights on. Regardless of anything, we will only show you products and services we trust and believe in, even if they aren’t working with us. You’ll always see our top ranking suggestions and if we have any sort of monetization partnership with the company, we will clearly note that when showing you the product. You can rest assured knowing no product links are referral or affiliate links and we don’t make a single penny off of the services we show you unless they are marked with “Sponsored”.

Transparency and trust are key to us. You can reach out to us with any questions or concerns, and if you see something that doesn’t seem right – you let us know. If we are showing a product (sponsored or not) that we love and you’ve had poor experiences with, we want to hear from you so we reevaluate our decision to show it.

Who should advertise with BreachBot?

When we suggest services to those who use BreachBot, we suggest proven tools that we have hand tested and that we trust.

If you build products and services that make a difference in people’s lives, you’re who we want to hear from. We want to work directly with you to represent your product with BreachBot. We can help you reach a wide audience of users who are looking for best in class services.

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